I am always open to new ways of connecting with readers online, so contact me if there are other platforms you use regularly.

Hello! My name’s Mark McClure and I write science fiction and speculative fiction.
Here are three ways to stay in touch.

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(‘Salrawu’ is short for ‘Stories About Life, Reality And Worlds Unknown.’)

2- Follow the Blog:
I’ve been blogging here since 2007.
Until about mid-2012 most posts tracked my various freelance activities since ‘escaping’ from the corporate world in 2007.

If you are mainly interested in my science fiction stories, then start with this one from November, 2012: “Are Three Blogging Silos Enough?

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3- Social Media:
I am occasionally active on the social media shown below.
(My rule of thumb about whether to use social media or not is this; “Would I be better off writing?” Otherwise known as,  ‘WIBBOW.’ This acronym is popular among many indie authors and I have adopted it too.)

FaceBook: Click -> Mark McClureWriter

Twitter: Click -> @markmcclure2day
On Twitter it can be fun to have ‘conversations’ with people about this, that and the other – writing, personal development, science fiction, Japan etc.

Google+: I sometimes post material here. Click -> Mark McClure Google+

Pinterest: I play around here but might use it more as my fiction output grows. Click -> markmcclure2day

Instagram: Another app-in-progress for me. Click -> markmccluretoday

And here is my contact email address.

(Note: All genuine messages are read. However, blatant sp@m is deleted.)

Kind Regards,
Mark McClure

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