Life Writing the Real Life

Bohemian Rhapsody Movie Bohemian Rhapsody, the smash hit movie / biopic / musical centred around the rock band Queen and their iconic front man, Freddie Mercury, is the subject of this post.

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Life On Hols. Back Sep.

Blogging Break Begins It’s crazy hot in Tokyo. This time last year I was in cool, green and showery Belfast. Man, could we do with some of that here at the moment.

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Life The Crime of the Plastic Mariner

Albatross, Midway (Chris Jordan) This is not an easy post to write because I didn’t expect to feel such strong emotions about the short lives and painful deaths of birds in far away places.

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Mark McClure, writer

Mark McClure: I write science fiction and other things too. Born in Belfast; based in Tokyo. Click ‘Know More’ for the unredacted version …

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