The Zelkova Sphere

The Zelkova Sphere
Series: Time Tree, Book 1
Genre: Science Fiction
Tags: Science Fiction, Time Travel
It's the late 22nd century on an overheating Earth. When a large unknown spherical object appears in the sky above Shinedo, the authorities struggle to control mounting panic and disorder. Is this an invasion or something much worse - an escape plan?
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About the Book

2017-06-22: Snippet. Publication date: 2017-11-23

2017-04-19: Snippet.
Few noticed how it all began. A speck of light here. A flicker over there. Back then the stars held few attractions. We’d never go there. “Too far and too dangerous,” they said. “Let’s work to reclaim and rebuild this world all over again. Humanity fell short but we shall not. Trust us.” Strange how the smartest of the smart, our very own silicon progeny, should request something as nebulous as trust. Their need, how can I put this, to not only have emotions but to also have feelings about those same emotions. Then again, bots don’t do feelings. Everyone knew that. How wrong we were.

(See for earlierĀ ideas about this book.)

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About the Author
Author: Mark McClure writes fiction about life, reality and worlds unknown. Based in Tokyo, Japan. My work embraces elements of (hard) science fiction, space opera, science fantasy, quantum fiction and speculative fiction. Click for info: My Books

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