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Just Five Rules

Just Five Rules

Self-Coaching IT Career Change

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About the Book

This was the second non-fiction book I published (“Living your Best Life” was the first.)

JUST FIVE RULES: Self-Coached IT Career Change - should be required reading for any Information Technology (IT) professional."

Mark McClure encapsulates twenty years of corporate IT experience into these pages. If career change is your destination, then make this book part of the payload.

Here are five key benefits you’ll get from reading this book:

  • trust and act on your constructive impulses.

  • create your own career change plan.

  • avoid seven major career change blunders.

  • twenty-two field-tested, self-coaching exercises.

  • open the door to your ‘inner sensei’ - the coach within.

Here are three career change posts I made on this blog before I pivoted to writing fiction.

Mid-Life Career Change Using Just Five Rules

Mindful Mid-Career Change

Your Career in Five Years Time

Author: Mark McClure
Genre: Careers
Tags: Career Change, Self-Coaching, Career Transition
Publisher: JFR Publishing
e-book publication year: 2016
Paperback publication Year: 2023
Length: 106 pages

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