Book Update: The Zelkova Sphere

Zelkova-tree-science-fiction-aliens-invasionMy first science fiction novel, The Zelkova Sphere, is available for pre-order on Apple iBooks.

I will add it to other online stores (including the Zon) after publication.

Schedule release date is November 23, 2017. (Sorry! Delayed until 2018.)

This is Book 1 of a trilogy with a time travel, alien contact / invasion premise.

There’s a book progress widget on the blog’s sidebar and I may also update via social media – follow me via Twitter and my FaceBook author page.

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About the Author
Author: Mark McClure is a science fiction writer based in Tokyo, Japan. Current project: A three-book series of novels involving time travel, parallel worlds and emerging technologies. All being well, these will be published in the 2018 timeline. Visit my blog for updates: My Books

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