The Writer Within Mark McClure

The Writer Within Mark McClure

Handwriting with Intention

This pen is smitier than the sword of procrastination.

I wrote the first draft of ‘The Writer Within’ on pen and paper, mimicking the Vimala font as best I could.

It was a relaxing and humbling experience.

What follows here is a screenshot of my dotty ditty typed up using the Vimala font.

And then underneath that is a typed version (in a dull as jello font) to give the search engine spiders something to crawl over.


The writer within Mark McClure’s Writing Desk

The Writer Within Mark McClure

hello blank page
my old friend
i’m here to write
on you
feel fingers grip
let letters go
in portrait mode
but real real slow
oh taste the joy
of strokes done right
once ink and nib
touch virgin white
the dotted Is
those clockwise Os
from A to Z
pure magic flows
i wonder if
my writer knows
there’ll never be
a better way
to let the self
come out to play
then stop to watch
this rhyming riff
shove writer’s block
right off a cliff
and wander over
here and now
and where and why
and when and how
it matters not
they’ve claimed their place
and occupy
this sacred space

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