Short Story #29: The Drone Trader

Alien First Contact Short Story

29 The Drone Trader short story mcclure

Short Story Writer’s Journal: (May contain spoilers)

Drone was the prompt for this story, and with the recent events in the Middle East this could have ended up as a story with a military angle.

But then I came across an article in the New Scientist magazine about new technologies for extracting water vapor from desert air (See the Aug. 3rd 2019 edition and an article by Nic Fleming titled How to suck water from desert air and quench the planet’s thirst.)

That had me thinking about another dystopian-like Earth scenario where water was as precious as gold (or oil!) is now.

And the clincher? Those let’s storm Area 51 folks who made the news earlier this week.

Stir in all of the above and the creative subconscious / muse decided to tell an alien first contact story set in another dystopian environment. Lots of fun.


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