Short Story #24: The Cave Hill Landing

Alien First Contact Belfast

24 The Cave Hill Landing alien first contact short story

Image by Ross (Wikimedia)

Short Story Writer’s Journal: (May Contain Spoilers)

I got the prompt - Cave - and then fell into a deep hole of not writing a damned word for three days. Too much overthinking and making the story important.

Once I remembered that I am also having a blast writing these stories for me as a reader, and if other folks also happen to like them, well, that’s great, the muse spoke up and we were off to the races.

Throughout this challenge (and forever after, I suspect) I have my writer’s training wheels on and my Learner plates displayed for all to overtake safely on the outside lane haha.

Things started to roll once I cluster mapped the cave concept and ended up with a story idea where the Cave Hill in my home city of Belfast featured promptly.

And the ETs?

Well, story #23 was a first contact tale and I may also have been influenced by Jo Zebedee’s novel, Inish Carraig, which has aliens swarming all over Belfast and N. Ireland. A cracking read, by the way.


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