Short Story #19: The Prince of Argent

Belfast - Young Adult Short Story

Short story 1 Prince of Argent young adult

Short Story Writer’s Journal: (May Contain Spoilers)

Minor point but significant enough for me to mention. I’ve changed the headline above from Author’s Notes to Writer’s Notes, as this reflects better on what is driving me.

Which is what? Well, the underlying premise here is that I am writing the stories I want to read (and have fun in the act of writing them.) The role of also being an author (i.e. someone who has written) is a secondary (though welcome!) aspect of the gig.

As for this tale; it’s the first semi-autobiographical story I’ve written in this challenge to date. The location (early 1970s Belfast) and some of the events (ha!) are close enough. However, the other characters are fictional, for the most part, and I doubt even my parents would recognize themselves.


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