Short Story #18: The Tale of Vegas Lily

My Forbidden Planet Story

18 Tale of Vegas Lily 52 short stories in 52 weeks

Short Story Writer’s Journal: (May contain spoilers)

This is one of those stories that started from an innocuous prompt, wedding chapel, and then took off, blasted off would be more appropriate, into some kind of space exploration romp in a distant part of the galaxy.

Vegas sounded like an ideal place for a wedding chapel but within a few minutes had became a forbidden planet, a happy couple eloped there, and well, let me just say that a scientific passion for insects did not lead to happy ever after.

And the chapel?

Well, that fiendish twist unfolds as bounty hunter, Nick, and his sidekick, Darwin, race to rescue the bride (coz father’s paying the bounty) before the giant bugs? Well, I hope you get the setup.

I had a lot of fun writing this story which was one of the primary drivers for starting the 52-story challenge. However, at 3400 words, it really does seem too short and I could see myself writing a longer account of what went on down there.

But I will stick to my guidelines (aka Heinlein’s Rules) and not rewrite this story to death. For a start, I’ve only got a week and another story beckons. And, I have so much more to learn that would be best served by writing a new story.


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7-June 2022 Update: This short story, now title ‘Vegas Lily’, was available for free on this website from 6 to 13 June, 2022.

The story is now available for purchase. Visit https://www.markmccluretoday.com/blog/free-short-fiction-story-vegas-lily/ for more details.