Short Story #17: Grave Mistake

Japanese Ghost Girls Short Story


Short Story Writer’s Journal: (May contain Spoilers)

I don’t read much horror fiction these days but my significant other enjoys scary movies and a little of that may have rubbed off below.

I do get inspiration from how the Japanese do spooky stuff in movies and in books.

For example, there&‘s long been a custom here of spinning spine-chilling tales during August when the hot humid weather has people bone-tired and fed up.

I enjoy watching these collections of short dramas because they often conceal a supernatural element at their shocking core. However, the focus is more on building suspense through twists of fate, relying less on explicit guts and gore.

I’ve attempted to draw upon that legacy in this short story of two foreign guys way out of their depth when it comes to handling Japanese girls and ghosts, and of telling one from the other.

May kinder spirits somewhere have mercy on their souls.

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