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Short Story #13: Taking the Piss

Short Short Story

That’s not a typo. I really have finished a story in one day and also got it out the door to a short story competition by the end of the next. This is a win-win for me in my stellar-nursery of a writing path to stardom and wealth. (Editor: Get on with it! That’s enough dreaming for one post.)


Short Story Writer’s Journal: (Might Contain Spoilers)

Not bad for a slowcoach, haha. Well, this is a game of two halves, as bored footie commentators loved to remind their comatose TV audience back when I used to suffer through such drivel.

I continue to find it amazing how ideas percolate in my subconscious until the time is right for them to pour out.

Humo(u)r - this is not a spelling mistake tee-hee had been on mine some weeks ago. I do like a laugh and find the oddest things to be hilarious but writing a funny short story didn’t grab me until I was half way through this one while commuting home yesterday.

I didn’t do much with it in the evening; too tired, but let it run this morning toward a conclusion I already envisaged.

In just over a thousand words this 1st-person PoV story portrays a happier end to an idea sparked by the above-mentioned humorous shorts, and to Jack London’s, To light a Fire, which I reread sometime last year.

And on I go to to short story #14. Just a mere 39 to go. Reminds me of John Buchan’s wonderful spy thriller, The Thirty-Nine Steps, which I loved as a kid. Boy, am I going to allow any of those memories to bubble up any time they damn well want to.

A summary listing of all short stories in this challenge can be found by clicking 52-in-52.)