Short Story #12: The Big Six

AI Sexbots Wronged (Sci-Fi Short Story)

The Big Six 52 science fiction short stories 52_weeks AI genetic engineering

Short Story Writer’s Journal: (Might Contain Spoilers)

Story #12 is all about AI sexbots wronged. Big time wronged. Add in genetic engineering and runaway climate disruption, and I had a hard job finishing it in 2600 words.

The thing also took two weeks. Correction, I allowed it to run over by a week.

Timing aside, I was quite pleased by this one. The design brief said to take a local news story and adapt it to fit my chosen story theme. I couldn’t find a local story but there are plenty of stories about artificial intelligence (AI) and how our world will be turned on its head and inside out by the ramifications of this technology.

Throw in genetic engineering, hackers and a sexbot primed for revenge and, well, that’s what I worked with. The story is going on submission, so I will leave it at that.

Short Story Publication Plans:

At some point I will put out a collection of these stories. Got a cover done and plan to pick out six of what I think are my best science fiction stories and release them in one collection.

Gotta start somewhere and getting over the psychological barrier of self-publishing fiction is a goal I’d like to achieve sooner rather than later.

Stay tuned.

And on to story #13 I go.

2020 Update: This story appears in my Big Six science fiction short story collection.

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