Short Story #09: Under Submission (Really)

“See every day as a true challenge” (Petit)

Short Story Submission 9

Short Story Writer’s Journal: (Might Contain Spoilers)

Do you know the phrase; kill your darlings?

Well, story #9 ticks all the boxes. I planned to finish it before the Christmas / New Year’s break but for some reason made the story (and my connection to it as the writer) far too important to let go and move on.

On the positive side, I learned a lot about Heinlein’s Rules #1 and #2 from the experience i.e. You must write and You must finish what you start.

I debated posting it in full here but then Heinlein’s rule #4 caught my eye (I have them printed out and pinned to the wall I stare at when inspiration’s on a meal break).

Rule #4 says: You must put your story on the market.

So, that’s what I did last night.

Yes, it’s raw.

Yes, I’m up against an army of professional writers with many years of publishing credits.

Yes, I’m a greenhorn.

But failure, apart from a self-healing dent to the outer ego’s shell, does not deter. In fact, it reminds me of two wonderful quotes by the wire walker, Philippe Petit, who walked between the World Trade Center Towers in 1974:

Impossible, impossible. So, let’s get to work.

See every day as a true challenge – and then you live your life on the tightrope.

Onward to story #10.

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