Short Story #04: Barking at the Moon

Marooned on the Moon Sci-Fi

Barking at the Moon Short story

Short Story Writer’s Journal:

(May contain Spoilers)

This story arose from the first 500 words of a story start I did for an online writing course last year.

I figured it would be a breeze to pick up where I left off but I struggled to get started and made the whole writing process way too important.

Had only 1000 words down by last Friday and then a Saturday night social event wrote off much of Sunday in terms of getting anything creative done.

The internet can be helpful here because I was thinking about this story from time to time during the week and came across some random link to a (supposed) 1970s NASA training exercise in which flares, guns, compasses, water, matches etc had to be ranked in order of usefulness if a space mission was cut off and the astronaut(s) had to survive long enough to be rescued. That’s probably how the rocket flare idea emerged into the story.

One more thing. I suspect this story might be the prequel for a novel-length book waiting to be written. I’ve had the cover and the link up for well more than a year but not much further along in the writing until now. When the time is right, the writer appears haha.

Image source for Short Story #4: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Moon-apollo17-schmitt_boulder.jpg

This story appears in my Big Six short story collection.

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