Short Story #03: The Man Who Called Time

Short Story Writer’s Journal:

Story #3 started life as an idea about reliving life to experience the best parts of childhood and then morphed into a horror form that surprised me. Remember, I’m billing myself as a science fiction writer but these first three stories are heavy on the fantasy and magical aspects. Perhaps the science in my tales will evolve as the challenge proceeds?

My reading material during the week has probably influenced this story in ways I couldn’t have predicted. Roald Dah’s stories, a book about William James, the American philosopher and psychologist, and a diet of New Scientist articles from 2018, made up the bulk of it.

Oh, and Halloween’s only a few days away.

I wrote 1630 words today (Sunday), another word count record for me; although I would prefer to even out the daily amounts, as I will not always have Sundays free to finish up a story and get it ready to post on the blog.

Once again, apologies for any grammatical car crashes. I gave the story only the briefest of read throughs. The tale is set in England, so expect UK English spellings but some Americanisms may have slipped in.

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