JFR Publishing - Online Store

JFR Publishing - Online Store

Mark McClure’s Online Book Store

Supporters of my work can now buy eBooks direct from my online store, JFR Publishing.

Visit to find out more.

Payhip hosts the store and provides the e-commerce platform.

Bookfunnel provides tech support to readers when necessary.

So why offer my work direct to readers?

I’ve two main reasons:

  1. Large retailers hold almost all the useful customer information. For example, they don’t share who is buying my books so that I can offer special deals.

  2. When readers buy direct they’ll know that almost all of the money will go to the writer (Payhip takes just 5%, plus the credit card companies percentage).

Of course, not everyone will want to buy direct from a writer. Some customers prefer the larger online stores for a variety of reasons.

That’s understandable and so my books will continue to be available on these major online eBook stores.

How to stay in touch

If you’re not already a subscriber, I invite you to sign-up using the form below.

That list is where I’ll first announce a new book.

And that list’s also where I’ll announce subscriber-only special deals for books offered on

Thank you for your interest in my work.