Chronscast: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Podcast

Chronscast: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Podcast

SFF Podcast

The title’s a mouthful, I know, but it’s designed to give those search engine spiders some tasty content snacks to take home to their nests.

This post’s a shout out for a new podcast, ‘Chronscast’, from the fine folks at Chronicles - the Science Fiction and Fantasy (SFF) Community.

I’ve been a (lurking) member there for years but recently upgraded to become a paying supporter.

The ‘Chronicles’ online community contains a treasure trove of moderated discussions about topics of interest to both writers and readers of SFF. In addition to SFF books and their authors, Films, TV, and other media have their own boards.

The podcast launched on January 10 and featured a scintillating chat with writer, Stephen Palmer. I enjoyed Stephen’s take on the atheistic underpinnings underlying Philip Pullman’s ‘His Dark Materials’ trilogy, and the degree to which John Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’ may have influenced or inspired Mr. Pullman.

Although the podcast ran to one hour and forty-nine minutes, the content kept me engaged enough to remain on the sofa throughout!

I’m looking forward to next month’s episode.