Self Coaching For Career And Life Change

OK, time for an update on my “invisible target” post.

Thanks to Geoff Robertson over at “total self improvement” (Aug. 2014: Link no longer works) for his vote. I’d dropped the ball on this and forgotten to close comments on 23 February.
Lucky I didn’t!

So the invisible target on my desk now has something to visualize around – and to keep taking action on until the product is physically created and available for customers to purchase.

This is what I see so far:

1- The product is a CD or DVD.

2- The idea is to help people self-coach themselves on the career and life change path they want to follow.

3- This is not a replacement for personal coaching – but a useful and affordable supplement to help people follow through on turning dreams into reality. (now there’s a conundrum..!)

4- The working title is “Self Coaching For Career and Life Change“. If you can think of a better one, just leave a blog comment. I’ll send you a free copy of the CD if I use your suggestion.

5- If you want to be one of 3 “review testers” of the product, just leave me a track back comment on this post from your own blog or web site.

(I will accept most legitimate and relevant sites – my decision is final on whether your site meets that criteria.)

As a review tester I will give you time limited access to an online version of the product once it is in beta stage. In return, you agree to send me constructive criticism and feedback by email within a couple of weeks on how to improve it.

Comments close on this post Friday 9 May.

– Mark McClure

(2017-03 Update: this ‘product’ eventually appeared in the form of a self-published book in 2016 – see for details.)

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One comment on “Self Coaching For Career And Life Change
  1. Hi Mark,

    I am glad to have been of assistance. To be able to help others is a vision of mine that I am turning into a reality.

    – Geoff

    You requested an address in the other post (comments now closed). It is Geoff Robertson….

    [Hi Geoff,

    I’ve learned recently that helping others is also a vision of mine. And denying that can be a (literal) pain.
    And thanks for your postal address. You’re now enlisted!


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