Special Christmas Message From Kuri


Happy Xmas, Kuri-chan here.

Sired from prize champion American Cocker Spaniel stock.

Started a new life – flew all the way from Kyushu to Tokyo 5 years ago.

Ended up with this chump – thinks he knows how to run a career change blog ๐Ÿ˜‰

Bow Wow! Throw him a bone. No, don’t do that! Throw me one.

I’m a 5 year old bitch, going on 40. So don’t mess with me – coz this hat packs a ball and mace.

Now, what’s on your mind this fine day?

Stuffed full of Xmas turkey – or just chickening out on that dream career goal?

What? Cat got your tongue?

I’ll soon make mincemeat pies of that.

– Kuri