Busy Golden Week

tokyo-buddhist-cemetery-gardenJapan’s ‘golden week’ break came just when I needed it.

Apart from a few barefoot canters around the park in the warmer weather, I’ve spent most of this week indoors and dealing with line edits and proof reads of a non-fiction book project finally nearing completion.

Once published, I will leave the non-fiction alone for a while and return to the writing backed up here.

I’ve installed a ‘My Book progress’ plugin (from Author Media) on this site to show visitors where I am with various writing projects.
It’s just below the mailing list signup form.

Clicking on the ‘i’ symbol to to the right will take you to the specific book page.

Also, I have updated my author page at the Zon and at Goodreads.

That’s it for this month’s post. Back to the writing.