The Creativity Commons

I’ve often thought we’re probably a lot more creative than we think we are…
But how to go about it all?

Yes, practice and showing up are key – and these two no doubt put many off from exploring their own creative commons – but perhaps any ‘secret sauce’ comes down to how well we see and respond to the world around us.

Perspective changes everything.

I watched this brief excerpt of “Clear Vision” by photographer Dewitt Jones and was left awestruck by his mastery and his humility.
Many thanks to author John Brown for introducing this work to me and for sharing his knowledge so freely.

Stand and Deliver

I’ve made a few changes in my man cave aka writer’s hangout.


The desk now has no computer and is reserved for reading, writing by hand, and daydreaming lol.

To the right of the lamp is where I stand and compose missives like this one.

This is a north-facing room and somewhat dark and cool, except during Tokyo’s sultry summer, when it becomes my own personal sauna. That’s partly because the window shown does not, alas, open.  A major design flaw, and so the room’s air flow depends on a sliding window out of view to the left. What were they thinking?

My standing lark is not just for the reported health benefits. I rarely remain still for long anyway and, as well as sitting to write and think/sink at the desk, I’m also prone to lying on the floor with my legs raised on a chair. That position encourages our dog to assume I’ve become her very own living futon.

What effect will these arrangements have on productivity or procrastination? Who knows. However, I am now much more aware of time wasting when standing on my own two feet haha! So, I’m expecting there’ll be less of that and more of the other…