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Hello! My name’s Mark McClure and I write mostly science fiction and speculative fiction.
There is more about my books below and here are three ways to stay in touch.

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(‘Salrawu’ is short for ‘Stories About Life, Reality And Worlds Unknown.’)

I’ve been blogging here since 2007. Up until mid-2012, most of the posts tracked various freelance activities since I escaped from the corporate world in 2007.
If you are mainly interested in posts about my fiction writing exploits, then start with this one from November, 2012: “Are Three Blogging Silos Enough?
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Check my contact page for the sites I am sometimes active on. (My rule of thumb about whether to use social media or not is this; “Would I be better off writing?” WIBBOW. This acronym is popular among many indie authors and I have adopted it too.)

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