Friday Kin 2008-08-15

Just for a change – and partly influenced by the Beijing Olympics – I’m presenting 3 medal winning posts from bloggers in my Career Change BlogRoll (see right hand column of home page).
Note: 2012 March update – the blogging roll is no more!


Unlike the Olympics Games, I plan on doing this more often than every 4 years.
Depends on what I discover on my surfing travels.

There’s also a chance to win a prize – keep reading to see how πŸ™‚

Each post has something I liked or learned about career change, personal renewal or mid-life professionals (a broad net indeed!)

GOLD: “The Everything Day”
If you ever thought a freelance writer just picks those plum 5 figure assignments to keep up appearances while really living a 4-hour work week, Beth Z will set you straight.

SILVER: “Going Through Hell In The Hallway”
Curt Rosengren makes the runners up spot with a spirited take on what it really takes to achieve anything worthwhile in life – actually I’d love to hear this post delivered as a full-on evangelical oratory.

BRONZE: “Seize The Freedom Of Self-Employment
Coach Tom Volkar taps right into what fuels people who are committed to being self employed. He also recognizes that some folks are A-OK with what they’re currently doing as an employee.
(2018 Jan. Update: The original link is under new ownership. Tom Volkar can be reached atΒ

– Mark McClure

The ‘Kin’ in the post title. Can you guess why I chose that?
There are 2 reasons – the first one is obvious πŸ˜‰

A $10 (US site only) gift voucher to the first correct entry (in my sole opinion) received this weekend.

1 Comment and 1 entry per person max.

Just leave your answer as a comment and make sure your email address is correct so I know where to send the gift voucher. (Your email address will not be published.)

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About the Author
Author: Mark McClure is a science fiction writer based in Tokyo, Japan. Current project: A three-book series of novels involving time travel, parallel worlds and emerging technologies. All being well, these will be published in the 2018 timeline. Visit my blog for updates: My Books
One comment on “Friday Kin 2008-08-15
  1. Mark McClure says:

    Alas, there were no entries – perhaps the Games or the summer hols were a bigger draw than a 10 buck voucher.

    For the curious among you, I selected “kin” in the post title because:

    1- There is the English sense of Kinship or friendship in linking to the excellent posts of other bloggers.

    2- In Japanese, “Friday” is pronounced as “Kin-yobi”, where Kin has the meaning of “gold”.
    I like that context!

    This competition is now closed.

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