Busy Golden Week

tokyo-buddhist-cemetery-gardenJapan’s ‘golden week’ break came just when I needed it.

Apart from a few barefoot canters around the park in the warmer weather, I’ve spent most of this week indoors and dealing with line edits and proof reads of a non-fiction book project finally nearing completion.

Once published, I will leave the non-fiction alone for a while and return to the writing backed up here.

I’ve installed a ‘My Book progress’ plugin (from Author Media) on this site to show visitors where I am with various writing projects.
It’s just below the mailing list signup form.

Clicking on the ‘i’ symbol to to the right will take you to the specific book page.

Also, I have updated my author page at the Zon and at Goodreads.

That’s it for this month’s post. Back to the writing.

The Writer’s Portable Mentor

writer's portable mentor Priscilla LongA shoutout this month to Priscilla Long’s book, “The Writer’s Portable Mentor”.
I am having fun applying her ‘working with language’ practices to some pieces I am working on.

I was also pleased to learn that Priscilla encourages the use of ‘timed writing’, as this is a practice I enjoy very much.

Copying out a paragraph or two of a work-in-progress into my writer’s notebook and then rewriting it with one of her recommended craft exercises in mind has been very revealing.

When I’ve finished with the exercise I then type it back into the piece. (I am getting better at ‘finishing what I’ve started’, although if you have visited my justfiverules site, you’ll notice I have some way to go on getting that skill down!)

A wonderful, wonderful book for writers – aimed at creative non-fiction and short story writers. But I think the novelist within will also benefit from its wisdom and encouragement.