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Information Technology professionals are being affected by job losses, offshoring and outsourcing in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Just take the recent news by Dell Ireland to move 1900 jobs from Limerick to Poland – no doubt some IT jobs are either included in this number or affected by it.

The final paragraph in this Irish Times article about the story is very revealing:
(Aug. 2014 Update: Alas, the article is now archived behind a paywall.)

“It’s no consolation to people in Limerick, I know, but it does give people here an opportunity – for now,” says one worker. “But we know the way things work in the world. We know you cannot depend on Dell.”

When faced with corporate and transnational economic power at work in the world, it’s sometimes difficult for individuals to feel they have much choice or influence over their careers.

If you really cannot depend on corporations, then you must look elsewhere – starting with yourself and your own support network. (You do have one, don’t you?)

And that’s where I want to take the most powerful force for constructive change on the planet – coaching – and let people see how to wield their own power to make changes in how they work and live.

But where to start?

Well, one approach is to bring a group of IT professionals together via a teleconference call and have them (re)discover career options and abilities they have left unexplored and ignored.

As a mid-career IT coach, I’m now talking with an experienced UK-based IT manager / coach about offering some (initially) free teleclasses to help do just that.

Timezone differences between UK and Japan make it practical to hold the initial calls for folks in UK/Europe. We may also do future calls for US and Asia-Pacific if the demand is there.

Stay tuned for a future post about this.

– Mark McClure

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