Career Change Lost And Found

I love career coach Joanne Dustin’s tag line for her web site, Career Lost And Found :

“Open the door… your future is waiting.”

Joanne’s home page is a brief yet powerful example of what her coaching work is about and how she can help – and is also a great “elevator speech”, in my humble opinion.

I sensed two powerful images from browsing her site:

  • What does “career lost and found” mean to me?
  • What’s holding me back from opening the door?

Great work, Joanne!

– Mark McClure

PS: Joanne’s new book, “Life Beyond IT”, recently arrived at my door courtesy of

Based on an initial reading this past week, I’d recommend it as an inspiring and valuable resource for Information Technology Career Changers.


Look out for a personal review of Joanne’s book in a future blog post.

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