Career Change Coaching MidSummer Madness – 48 Hours Special Offer

Well, here we are almost half way through 2008 – and here also is a recession-beating “mid-summer” career change coaching offer – but only for the next 48 hours.

Why now?

Well, those of you in the corporate world may already be going through mid-year performance reviews.
Good luck. I feel your pain.

But what about your own life and career goals beyond the world of employer and “stakeholder-driven” agreements?

Is anyone taking the time to sit down with you and review what really matters to you and yours over the next few years?

Sometimes a good manager, trusted colleague, friend or family can be that helpful listening ear.

But not always.

Particularly with goals involving career change – where opening up to a manager or mentor is a leap of faith on your part.

For example, will you be seen as “weak” or “disloyal” for discussing your dreams of career change and personal renewal with folks who may have an agenda of their own in these difficult economic times?

That’s where a career change coach like me can help.

You see, I do have an agenda.

A very personal one.


So, if you’re open to honestly exploring your career goals and future in a private and confidential environment, then here’s what I’m proposing:

1- Purchase the Goal Creation Maps course. (CD (Oct 2011 update: no longer available) or online)
(If you have a reliable ADSL broadband Internet connection or faster, then the online course should work fine. If you’re not sure, then get the CD version.)

2- Leave a comment to this post that you have bought the course and want to claim a free 45 minutes phone coaching session with me.

(Make sure you use the same contact email address as you did when ordering the course – and don’t worry, email addresses are not published in the blog comments.

Also, if you haven’t left a post here before then it will not be published until I have had a chance to approve it. This keeps the spammers in check. Again, don’t worry. I will see your post and approve it.)

I will then follow up with you to arrange a mutually convenient time for your coaching session.

I’m open to doing the coaching session using Skype or by calling you directly on a landline number (I don’t call mobile phones.)

OK. Sounds good?

Then what are you waiting for!

Take action and get a performance review like no other!

Of course, there is a practical limit to what can be achieved in 45 minutes of coaching – but a lot is possible if you approach it with a determined and realistic outlook.

(And by using the structure provided by the goal creation maps course, we will have something to work with if you complete the course before having the coaching session. My recommendation is that you work through the course before the coaching call.)

– Mark McClure

PS: As my private career coaching starts around $150 per hour, I don’t run these crazy priced offers very often.

PPS: The offer starts Monday 23 June 2008 at 19:00 Hours Japan Time and finishes on Wednesday 25th June 2008 at 19:00 hours Japan time. See here for World time zone conversion chart.

PPPS: !! Yikes, I’m not sure how many ‘Ps’ I can include but what the heck! Final point – the coaching part of this offer is open until 25 September 2008. That gives you 3 months in which to choose a date. The earlier the better.

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One comment on “Career Change Coaching MidSummer Madness – 48 Hours Special Offer
  1. markm says:

    This coaching special offer is now closed.

    -Mark McClure

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