All My Life’s A Circle, Sunrise and Sundown

This post’s title is from a wonderful Harry Chapin song I encourage you to seek out and listen to.

Harry had a gift of being able to compose and sing in delightful parables about the people, experiences and events that really matter in our lives.


For myself, middle age (a phrase I can’t seem to “lock onto”, as James T Kirk might command from his Starship) is gradually teaching me that it’s OK to let go of the younger man I once was.

I’ve much to be thankful for in being able to enjoy running a sub-7 minute mile at 49. And to appreciate the love that was baked into a delicious, homemade birthday cake surprise from my better half. (Kuri got share too!)

None of us know for sure what each new day will bring.

We can but hope that it’ll be filled with mostly enjoyable and worthwhile experiences – just some of many yet to come.

Still, I think “carpes diem” is the watchword of the hour – and even of the minute.

I say that in the somewhat sad knowledge that, sooner or later, time’s hourglass will indeed run out for each of us. As it recently has for a colleague I last saw in the UK over 15 years ago, and whose passing I just learned about tonight while emailing this birthday photo to my family in N.Ireland.


– Mark McClure

3 thoughts on “All My Life’s A Circle, Sunrise and Sundown

  1. Happy belated Birthday. A wonderful piece. Your attitude is not that of sudden decision to look at things differently, but the result of a gradual transformation towards a new way of being. You convey that very nicely.

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