1-3-6 Weight Loss Experiment

This post’s based on the 1-3-6 method I blogged about back in Oct 2008.

Current Weight: 83 kg

a) The 1 important outcome is:
Goal: Achieve target weight of 77 kg by 31 Dec 2011

b) The 3 things I can do that increase the probability of achieving the desired outcome:

1- Increase my walking from (approx) 10 minutes to 20 minutes per day.

2- Add a seven minute circuits session (using own body weight) to running-in-the-park sessions.

3- Walk up nine flights of stairs an average of 3 times per day (rolling monthly average.)
This is natural weight training for the legs and really does tone muscle, in my experience.

And now comes the harder part.

c) The 6 things I need to stop doing (or reduce) so I have more time and energy to focus on a) and b) above.

1- Eliminate all snacking after 9 pm. (Melted butter on toast, a cup of coffee and a slice or two of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk around 11:30pm…and I could write well into the wee hours. Boy, am I addicted to the stillness of the night haha!)

2- Stop all weekday beers. (Beer goes well with the salty nature of many Japanese dishes but it also makes me drowsy after 8pm, as well as pile on the calories.)

3- Get to bed by 11 pm (so I can get up early enough to run, take the dog out, and avoid the crazy heat / humidity).

4- Stop buying chocolate most Friday lunchtimes… this is my contribution to TGIF. Out it goes.

5- Eliminate sitting still for more than an hour at a time. I often do this when writing or studying. The plan now is to move about every 20 minutes or so.

6- ??

Well, in the time allotted to write this post I could only come up with five of the six things to stop doing. If #6 pops into my mind later, I’ll add it this post.

The plan’s to write an update on this project around year’s end.
(March 2012 Update: Sorry for the delay. Writing an update to this post  is now on the agenda!)

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